We know your personal information is important to you and it is also very important to AvanSource a.s.. This Privacy Notice tells you what we use your personal information for and explains your rights around how we use it. Please read this Privacy Notice to understand how and why we use your personal information. If you give us personal information about someone else, please make sure you have their permission and make them aware of this Privacy Notice, as it also applies to them.


We use personal information to provide our products & services to our customers and to provide payroll and related services to our employees. We must have a lawful basis to collect and use personal information.

This is explained below:


We need to collect and use your personal information to allow us to provide our customers with our products and related services. This includes information such as your company’s name, contact names, email addresses, bank account details, etc. We restrict access to, and use of, all personal information. We also need to collect personal information from our employees to allow us to calculate payroll & salaries. This information includes your name & address, PPS number, tax details, etc. We have a higher level of restrictions on this information. We also hold bank details to allow payment and, in some cases, medical details in the event of an accident or claim.


For our customers & suppliers, we use your personal information to comply with law and regulations:

  • Import/Export documentation
  • keeping proper books and records
  • Tax & VAT analysis

We carry out internal reporting, quality checking, compliance controls and audits to help meet these obligations. For our employees, we must keep and use your personal information to calculate taxes due, pay pension contributions, pay health insurance where relevant, etc.


You need to give consent for us to collect and use personal information. You are given the choice to provide consent, or not. When we collect your consent, we will explain what we need it for and how you can change your mind in the future.

Cookies/Direct Marketing: When you visit our website we will use cookies to tell us whether you have visited our website before. We also use cookies for Sales Leads … the cookies will alert our sales staff that you have visited our website and this may prompt a call or email if they feel they can help you with your enquiry. Direct marketing is not part of our business strategy so you will not be added to a mailing list, but you may be contacted individually by one of our Sales Representatives. We will ask for your consent to when you visit the website and we will only contact you with your consent.

Sharing with Other Companies within the Group: We believe it may help you if we know whether you have products and services provided by other companies within the group e.g. Technical Adhesive Products Ltd. provides a different range of products that may be of interest.


If we process your personal information based on consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. You may withdraw consent by contacting us directly using the details in Section 8 of this Privacy Notice. Please note that withdrawal of consent will lead to your contact details being removed from our system which will impact on any future correspondence.


You provide us with your personal information directly when you contact us, complete our Product Inquiry Application form, speak with us directly or visit our website. Our webpage is fully GDPR compliant and all information gathered therein is strictly controlled in accordance with GDPR guidelines. We also get personal information from Sales agents but, in these instances, only after you have contacted them directly.


We pass personal information to a 3rd party only when necessary. Below is a list of the more common reasons why we might need to share your information with 3rd Party entities.

Our Customers:

Insurance: In the event of a claim there may be an agent or insurance company involved who might need that information to communicate with you. Revenue: Occasionally we may need to provide information to Revenue to ensure all out VAT, Tax and other details are all correct and up-to-date.

Auditors: We have an annual audit and our auditors (PwC) may ask for any information at any time for verification purposes. This information may include some personal information.

Our Employees:

Revenue: Occasionally we exchange information with revenue to insure your tax affairs are up-to-date and correct.

Health Insurers: We pay Health Insurance on behalf of our employees so we need to pass certain information across to identify your correct account information.

Medical Information: In the event of illness or accident we may have to give medical information to your doctor or the designated company doctor


For our customers, we keep and use your personal information for as long as you have a business relationship with us. We also hold it after this where we need to for complaints handling, legal claims, for system back-ups and for as long as we have to under regulations. We will let you know how long we keep personal information for when you avail of a single or specific service such as a quote or call-back on our website. For our employees, we keep your personal information for as long as you are an employee and thereafter as long as we need to under Revenue regulations.


You have a number of rights over your personal information which you can exercise free of charge by contacting us using the details in section 8 of this Privacy Notice. You will need to give us information to help us identify you and we will respond to you within one month in line with GDPR regulations.

Any restrictions to your rights will be explained in our response.

  • Right to Information You have a right to the information set out in this Privacy Notice. We have controls in place to protect your personal information and minimize the risk of security breaches. However should any breaches result in a high risk for you, we will inform you without undue delay.
  • Right to Restrict or Object You can restrict or object to any unfair and unlawful collection or use of your personal information. You can object to any automated decision making that has a legal or similar significant impact for you and ask for the decision to be made by a person.
  • Right to Correct and Update You can ask us to correct and update personal information we hold about you. Your business relationship with AvanSource a.s., we hope, will be long term; and to provide you with the best service it is important we have your up to date personal information, such as contact details.
  • Right to Delete and Be Forgotten You can have your personal information deleted if it is incorrect, if it is no longer needed or has been processed unfairly or unlawfully. If you have withdrawn consent you can ask for your personal information to be deleted. We will keep a record of your request so we know why your personal information was deleted. In some instances we must keep your personal information for a minimum period by law.
  • Right to Portability You can ask for a copy of all personal information that you gave us (including through your interactions with us), and which we hold in an automated format. You can receive this in a machine readable format that allows you to keep it. You may also request AvanSource a.s. to send this personal information in a machine readable format to another company. The format will depend on our ability to provide this in a secure way that protects your personal information. It is unlikely we will be able to use a copy of your personal information sent to us in this way. This is because we only collect personal information that we need.
  • Right to Access You have the right to know what personal information we hold about you and to receive a copy of your personal information. We must tell you:

– why we hold it;

– who we pass it to, including whether we transfer it outside the EU;

– how long we keep it for;

– where we got it from; and

– if we carried out any automated-decisions, and if so, the logic behind it and what it means for you.

This right does not allow you to access personal information about anyone else. To access your personal information please make contact with us using the contact details in Section 8 of this Privacy Notice. To help us respond as quickly as possible please let us know if you are only looking for copies of specific personal information.


You can contact with any questions about your personal information and this privacy notice:

AvanSource a.s.
address: Prievozská 4D, Blok E, 821 09 Bratislava SR
company registration number: 52401847
tax ID: 2121017492
VAT number: SK2121017492
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