Clinical Trial Services

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Supplies management, as the main part of our Clinical Trial Services, is a crucial component of the clinical trial process. It ensures that clinical sites have access to all the necessary materials, medication, and equipment for conducting the study. Effective supplies management also guarantees that all materials are sourced, handled, and stored correctly, ensuring the safety and well-being of study participants. By optimizing the supply chain, efficient clinical supplies management can reduce costs, eliminate delays, and speed up the development of advanced therapies, bringing them to market faster.

Streamlining Clinical Trials through Comprehensive Comparator Sourcing and Supplies Management

As a clinical supply company, AvanSource offers an array of services designed to streamline the clinical trial supply chain and ensure the highest quality standards.

Strategic Comparator Sourcing

Our expertise in the EU market enables us to source a wide range of comparators, from over-the-counter medications and generics to hard-to-obtain oncology drugs, providing high-quality, compliant products for your clinical trials. With our robust data-driven analysis, we choose optimal sourcing strategies that ensure patients participating in your clinical study receive the required comparators on time.

Reduce the complexity of your clinical trial by choosing AvanSource as your comparator sourcing specialist.

Storage and Transportation

Furthermore, we understand the critical importance of efficient storage and transportation in the realm of clinical trials. Our team is dedicated to providing secure, temperature-controlled storage facilities and reliable temperature-controlled transportation solutions that comply with industry standards and regulations, ensuring the integrity of your valuable samples and materials throughout the entire supply chain.
All of our solutions are compliant with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines and ISO 9001:2015 standards. With our personalized attention to detail and robust contingency plans, AvanSource guarantees a seamless and worry-free experience for all your storage and transportation needs.

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