Another crucial aspect of clinical trial supply management is transportation services, as ensuring the safe and timely delivery of clinical trial supplies, including comparators, drugs, and ancillary supplies, is essential to the success of your study.

At AvanSource, we provide a range of transportation services that are customized to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Efficient Transportation Solutions to Meet Your Requirements


Temperature-controlled shipping: Clinical trial supplies require temperature-controlled shipping, and our team of experts can manage all aspects of this process, from packaging to delivery. In addition to our extensive network of qualified transportation partners, we also have our modern fleet of validated temperature-controlled vehicles, ensuring that your supplies reach their destination in optimal condition.


Customs compliance: Conducting a clinical trial in a foreign country can be challenging due to complex customs regulations. Our team has extensive experience in managing customs compliance, ensuring that your supplies clear customs quickly and efficiently.


On-time delivery: Timely delivery of clinical trial supplies is crucial to maintaining the study’s schedule and meeting regulatory requirements. Our transportation services are designed to ensure on-time delivery, with real-time tracking and monitoring to keep you informed of your shipment’s progress.


Quick turnaround: In emergency situations, AvanSource can react promptly and arrange transportation services operationally, ensuring that the required car or vehicle can be dispatched on the road within just a few hours


Expert logistics management: Our transportation services are part of a comprehensive logistics management service that includes procurement, storage, and distribution. We offer customized solutions tailored to your clinical trial’s specific needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient supply chain that meets all regulatory requirements.

Partner with AvanSource for your comparator transportation needs and experience the confidence that comes with working alongside an industry expert.

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